Refund Policy

If you are purchasing something linked to from this website from a 3rd party retailer (for example Amazon), then our Refund Policy does not apply and you must request refund through them, not us, as all we receive is a small percentage and usually delayed by 30-60 days.

For products we sell direct,  we do offer refunds , however  only for legitimate reasons .

Situations under which refund requests will be rejected:

If the item or service is materially similar to the description and preview and works the way it should, we will not provide a refund in situations like the following:

  • you don’t want it after you’ve downloaded it or ordered it;
  • the item or the service did not meet your expectations;
  • you simply changed your mind;
  • you bought an item or ordered a service by mistake;
  • you do not have sufficient expertise to use the item or you do not understand the service you ordered;
  • you ask for goodwill; or
  • you can no longer access the item because it has been removed (we advise you to download items as soon as you have purchased them to avoid this situation).

Resolving disputes:

We will make a decision based on all available information and you agree that our decision is final.

Version 1.0 – Effective date: March 3rd, 2019.