How To Skip ‘AdWords First Campaign’ Billing and Use Keyword Planner Tool

Most common things people try after accidentally starting AdWords First Campaign, and find out that they do not fix the problem are:

  • Logging out and logging back in
  • Refreshing browser cache
  • Using a different browser
  • Using VPN
  • Using a totally different computer

Issue is actually really simple. Google Keyword Planner Tool is intended to be used by people willing to pay for Google AdWords. So, just like going to any other service, provider, in this case Google, is trying to push you to pay as soon as possible. In this case, it is by making it too easy to start AdWords First Campaign, which requires providing billing info, so that they can charge you to run ads, and by not making it obvious that you can simply skip that entirely and just proceed to Google Keyword Planner Tool, which is free to use.

How to use Google Keyword Planner without creating an Ad in 2019

When on the GetStarted page on the “Your First Campaign” step, there is only a button “Save and Continue”, but no button to take you back to “About Your Business” and allow you to skip setting up a campaign and/or providing billing info. Issue is not on your end, and it is not a new issue, it has been around for years. Google stated several times that they are working on a solution, but that is unlikely to manifest for aforementioned reason that this is a tool intended to be used by paying AdWords customers, and we already saw Google choosing to remove precise info provided and now only give you ranges (ie. before you’d see number like 97, now it will say 10-100 instead) unless you are spending above $10,000 per month on AdWords.

Simplest solution is to simply click “Skip Guided Set Up” instead of starting AdWords First Campaign. That bypasses it entirely and you never have to create a campaign, but can simply use Google Keyword Planner Tool for free.

Second solution is to simply go to while logged in the Google account you are stuck on, which takes you to ‘legacy’ or old AdWords signup, which you complete, without starting campaign, without providing billing info, click save and you are in.

Originally posted 2019-03-13 02:03:16.

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